The Miracle of the Sol-Sot Attracting Middle-Aged Start-up Success

The Miracle of the Sol-Sot Attracting Middle-Aged Start-up Success

The enthusiasm of the domestic start-up market is hot. This is because there are many people who start and run for success regardless of age.

If you want to succeed as a middle-aged start-up in this fierce competition, please find out about Sol Sot.

Sol Sot, which is leading the domestic restaurant market with health and reliability as an item of Korean food, has become a popular item to eat in line at Songridan-gil and Mangridan-gil in Yeonnam-dong.

It is a brand that continued its busy business with full seats and waiting, receiving envious attention from people around it even during the COVID-19 period. These results are not just made.

Over the years, we spent testing various menus and brands, running five direct management, and building data. It is a complete item made with consumers, so we take these results for granted, and we are ready to overcome any difficulties.

All you have to do now is succeed. Go ahead!

Are you more worried because you’re a middle-aged start-up?

There is no right time to start a business. Rather, I think it would be the best time if you look at life experiences, years of experience, and connections.

If your concerns are as follows, please find out today’s solution.

1. Isn’t it hard to make food?

I know what’s difficult because I’ve made and sold it myself, so I’ve prepared all the menus for easy cooking. Simply follow the prepared recipe to complete the easiest delicious dish.

2. I don’t want to worry about my old age

The average unit price of Sol Pot’s food is 40,000 won, which has a good effect on sales.

However, we are paying attention to the net profits of the store owners, not the end, and we are making sure that they show good results.

3. Is it possible to start with a small flat?

I know that I’m more hesitant because it’s a middle-aged start-up. Don’t worry, Sol Pot is aiming to operate a small flat area, and it is showing better results with the support of packaging and delivery services, as well as space utilization.

4. What does the head office do?

Headquarters that dive after opening the franchise? Yes, SolSot is supporting you with a variety of programs from the moment you ask to the end of the line, and helping you focus and make a stable return.

The pine cauldron is proving in numbers.

The purpose of starting a business is, above all, a high return. So I thought that even small stores should make the biggest sales, and the result is an item called Sotbap.

The monthly sales level of Sol Pot located nationwide is about 60 million won, and the store is 18 pyeong, recording 140 million won.

If you’re looking for a stable middle-aged start-up and worried about collecting your investment, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. And a lot of net profit!

Just because the sales level is high doesn’t mean that the store owner takes a lot.

Major franchises also generate sales of more than 80 million won, but net income is less than 20 million won.

By the way, the pine pot It’s a place that leaves a 38% margin, and if you make 80 million won in sales, you can take 30 million won. 남자소자본창업

This is the largest in the industry, and this is what makes business people happier.

The first time you start, there’s no end to the operation.

The middle-aged start-up dolsot lasts until the end when it starts. Food? If you make it yourself, you will see through the education of the pine pot that it is not difficult.

Dishwashing and manufacturing? The machine does it. It’s not 100% done, but we’re making it much easier because we use the power of the device to operate it.

It’s annoying to prepare the ingredients? Don’t do that. The head office will do everything. You don’t have to spend a lot of time because all the high-end ingredients are trimmed and given at the cost rate.

Excellent food for delivery

The domestic delivery market continues to grow.

You don’t deliver in this big market? It should never happen.

As single-person households also increase, if you give up and go, you can lose more. Knowing this situation well, Sol Pot also supports delivery services to keep food in customers’ memories by putting it in containers that take advantage of the characteristics of hot pot rice.

A pine pot that continues its speciality with delivery. Delivery sales are 20% of total sales. You were wondering how the small store managed to sell 100 million won, right?

It’s because of the delicious food that you have no choice but to look for. Middle-aged start-ups that also lead to popularity through delivery. Not a lot.

Now, we have 54 points

솔솥 is only thinking of success, and the headquarters is busy working to help each member start in a prepared place and stabilize.

In addition, we limited it to 100 members nationwide to provide more reliable assistance, and now only 54 seats are left.

Start with a brand where customers also feel the value of scarcity. Those who dream of success never miss this brand. The more middle-aged start-ups, the more careful and quick you decide.